Athlete Picks: Tatum Monod

The first woman to do a double backflip on skis, Tatum Monod tried ski racing, and competing on freeride tour, before channeling her creative energies into free skiing and filming.

What are your top five “can’t live without” pieces of gear? 

1) Cerium SV Hoody: I layer it under a shell on colder days while skiing and also wear it around town, I even catch myself wearing it around the house on colder mornings. It’s so lightweight, it’s ridiculous, feels like your wearing nothing but provides so much warmth. I really do live in this thing!
2) Firebee AR Parka: My emergency jacket that I don’t go into the backcountry without. It’s super packable, windproof and extremely warm. I size up and wear it over my jacket while breaking for lunch or waiting out a storm. 
3) Venda Anorak: My go to jacket for the rain. The GORE-TEX is super soft, it almost feels like an extra skin when you’re wearing it. I love the longer fit and the Anorak zip, I wear it cinched with jeans or long with leggings. Great for in the mountains and around town. 
4) Yeti Rambler 36OZ bottle (with chug cap) – I never leave my house without my Yeti. This one holds lots of water and can sit in my car on a hot day and not get boiling hot or on a cold day and not freeze. The chug cap has a smaller nozzle, which is an absolute essential. 
5) My french bulldog. She makes me laugh non-stop with her goofy attitude. When she’s not snorting, she’s snoring or she’s giving everyone around her endless kisses. 

As an athlete you’re accustomed to big adventures. Where’s the first place you’re headed once travel restrictions lift? 

The first place I’m going to travel to when restrictions open is Chamonix France! Iv’e dreamt of skiing in Cham for many years. My grandfather was a mountain guide there in the 50’s, he started the first outdoor shop for the alpinists in the valley called Monod Sports. I would love to go back and retrace some of my family history.  

  1. What’s your go-to meal in the backcountry? 

 Apple (has to be pre sliced don’t ask why?!) and cheese.  

What’s a new skill you learned or activity you tried in 2020?  

 I’ve been learning how to skateboard which has got to be the most hardest most embarrassing, thing you can learn in your late twenties. I wear a full set of pads and all the kids make fun of me. I wouldn’t say I’m skilled by any means but I’m finding some flow and having a great time.  

What’s your go-to song for when you need an instant mood boost? 

 Whitehouse Road- Tyler Childers 

 If you were stranded on an island with another Arc’teryx athlete who would you want it to be?  

 Austin Ross because he would provide endless antics and entertainment.  

 What’s a goal you hope to accomplish before the year is up? 

 I hope to drop a teaser to my new film that I am working on with CK9 Studios and make it everything I envision it to be.