Muslim Hikers

A No Wasted Days™ Story

Starting Muslim Hikers as an Instagram account in 2020, Haroon wanted to tackle the loneliness and isolation of the pandemic. Forging an online community to connect people to the outdoors, Muslim Hikers now draws hundreds of hikers together on a monthly basis to experience the transformative powers of nature.

If you are interested in learning more about Muslim Hikers, their events, and how they’re making a positive impact in the outdoors, check their website for more information.

What is it like to get outdoors with Muslim Hikers — an organization committed to building community, opportunity, and support for Muslims on the trail and beyond? We asked founder, Haroon, and participant, Najwa, to take us through a day of adventure. From first step to summit, here’s what they had to say.


Early Morning Starts

Najwa — [Laughs] “It starts with me feeling a little tired but excited to spend time in nature with good friends.”

Haroon — “I always say a few words of welcome to address the group and ensure everyone is ready for the trek. This is an important part of the day. I want everyone to be relaxed and feel welcomed. People have travelled from all over the country, uniting for one purpose — to get outside and connect with nature.”

Calming the New Hike Jitters

Haroon — “Looking at everyone’s faces pre hike, some anxious and some excited, I usually ask for a show of hands for people who are joining us for the first time. Usually it’s the majority, which is great to see. It shows us that more and more people are being introduced to the outdoors. It also helps remove anxiety for the people who have travelled alone, feeling that they’re the only ones here who’ve never hiked before.”

Najwa — “Ahh, the classic Haroon speech! He always knows how to set any nerves at ease and create camaraderie.”

First Steps

Najwa — [Laughs] “It’s immediate regret! And I’m out of breath and sweaty. The initial ascent on any hike is always the hardest part for me. But when you hike with a group of Muslims, and everyone’s sharing the experience, it’s just easy. You don’t have to explain yourself and the pressure is taken off you.”

Haroon — “I often start most of our hikes at the very back of the group, watching these prolonged waves of people walking into the distance, sometimes as far as my eyes can see. It makes me proud to see this.”

Praying On the Trail

Haroon — “People will often ask us what the plan is for prayers. It’s a concern Muslims carry wherever they travel. We do our best to try incorporating a prayer break as part of our lunch stop, usually near a water source so we can perform “wudu” (the washing & cleansing ritual done before prayers) more easily.

It’s a special feeling, praying together outdoors and being surrounded by God’s beautiful creations. ”

Najwa — “Prayer is always so insightful outside. Seeing god’s creation helps you connect with your faith and when you’re with other Muslim Hikers you’re not going to feel out of place when praying.”

At the Summit

Najwa — “ I feel relieved and proud! And the view — that’s the reason I hike. It’s the best reward.”

Haroon — “I love watching from afar to see people enjoying their moments of accomplishment. People who didn’t believe in themselves suddenly realize anything is possible — that they can achieve so much. The community at the summit certainly creates an infectious energy that helps lift and drive people to believe in themselves. ”

Taking the Next Hike

Najwa — “Whether it’s getting swept left, right and center by the wind, or experiencing uphill fatigue, you learn that each hike is an achievement — you find out what you’re capable of and nothing feels out of reach.”