Train Like Tatum

We may not all ski like Tatum Monod (double back flip anyone?) but that doesn’t mean we can’t train like her. After last season was cut short, chances are we could all use a bit of extra work to get our strength back. Read on for Tatum’s training tips to get ready for a big season. 

Words By: Tatum Monod

Photos By: Robin O’Neill 

Exercise 1- Dumbbell Lunge, 10 reps/side.
Lunges help build strength in your quads, glutes, and hamstrings, (and you feel really tough while doing them). Holding the dumbbell at your chest is great for core stabilization. Focus on keeping your leading knee behind your toe as you step back into the lunge.

Exercise 2- Power Clean, 8 reps.
It takes a little bit to get used to the timing of this exercise, you may feel uncoordinated at first. After you power the bar off the floor you have to catch it and squat underneath it. Make sure you nail the technique with an empty bar first. I love this one because it targets just about every muscle and is a challenge!

Exercise 3- Barbell Single Leg RDL, 8 reps/side.
Perfect for glute, hamstring strength, balance, and coordination. Basically what every skier needs.  Focus on keeping a flat back and your hips level as you lower down. Power though your heel and push your hips forward as you stand up.

Exercise 4- Lateral Band Walks, 12 reps/side.
I start almost every workout with this exercise because it helps activate and warmup my glutes. This is one of the exercises I did most when recovering from knee surgery because building strength and stability in the hip will increase stability of the knee joint, so important!

Exercise 5-Med Ball Squat Throws, 12 reps.
This one is guaranteed to get your heart pumping! One of those full body burners you love/hate. Really great for building explosive power and ignites almost every muscle group from the lower to upper body.

Exercise 6- Plank Dumbbell Pull across, 20 reps.
This one might look easy but it ain’t! One of my favourite new core exercises. Remember to keep your butt down and back flat. The further apart your feet are the easier it will be.

Repeat for as many rounds as you have the energy for. Here’s to a safe and fun season ahead!