TOGETHER For What’s To Come

Words by: Lisa Richardson

Header image by: Robin O’Neill 

Now is the time to pause and reflect.

Like, actually, stop and go look in the mirror. What do you see?

Most of the time, we’re looking to make sure it’s our game-face grinning back, right? Yes, still me in charge of this skinsuit! Good, no toothpaste on the face. Hair brushed, toque in place. Sunscreen fully rubbed in. OMG, how long has that piece of spinach been stuck between my teeth?

Sometimes, though, some wild magic is at play, and it’s not the game-face you see at all. Instead, you’re met by someone who only shows up when the endless momentum of habit, social pressure, deadlines and business-as-usual is powered down. In that pause, recall that you are the sum of all your ancestors’ dreams and spent pleasures and collaborations, you are a container filled with every experience you’ve ever had, you are seven octillion atoms, gallons of water being endlessly recycled, tiny particles of gold, the ancient dust of stars that went supernova.

Photo: Jeremy Koreski

You were never just you, completely alone in the Universe.

We have always been intricately infinitely interconnected.

We have always been each other’s best mirror of what is possible, what is remarkable, what is achingly breakable, what is holy.

Sometimes, we just feel that more than usual. Like now, as the COVID-19 global pandemic invites us to pull the emergency handbrake on business as usual and individually and collectively, accept the choice of hitting one of two buttons: the panic or the pause.

Photo: Angela Percival 

Let’s embrace the pause. Allow that glimpse at your reflection to remind you, on a deep cellular level, that in the midst of great uncertainty, we are in this Together For What’s to Come.

We can be organized, responsive, collaborative, even if we’re not touching each other. Take care of yourself. Go for a walk outside if you can. Plan your next hike. Connect with family. Clean your house. Stretch. Wash your GORE-TEX. Take stock of what you have. Find a moment of peace within the unusual.

Even in your self-isolation and social distancing, tele-commuting and homeschooling, adapting and responding, may you feel deeply connected and supported. May you do your part. May you find sanctuary in your breath, in the trail, in looking up at the sky, in the air outside — even if simply from an open window or balcony, in inspiring books and images and in the actions of those who choose to shine from the deepest knowing: We are. Together, For What’s to Come.


To our Arc’teryx community around the world,

 We care deeply about protecting the health and safety of our customers, staff and community. 

 As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, we will continue to diligently monitor alerts from health authorities to stay current, while also observing any shifts that take place within our communities.

In the meantime, we will actively communicate updates as they become available. Below you will find the current precautionary measures we have implemented. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to navigate through this challenge together.

We hope that you can find sanctuary in connecting with any form of nature you have access to during these unusual times – even if viewed from a distance or a place of optimism for what’s to come.

Our People

All employees at our North Vancouver headquarters are strongly encouraged to work from home.

For our employees, we will be offering online yoga classes to replace the usual in-house, live sessions. We also offer employees free guided meditation with the Headspace app, as well as confidential Lifeworks mental health support through our Employee Assistance Program.

Our Operations

With an abundance of caution and disappointment, we have made the decision to temporarily close all Canadian, US and European brand stores to minimize non-essential interaction. We believe doing so is the responsible action to take as we try to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

In the meantime, our ecommerce channels will operate as normal and we will continue to receive and ship all orders.

Our Vancouver distribution centre remains open. The nature of the facility and its work practices mean there is already high social distancing and minimal group sizes.

Our Customer Service Team is operating from home and our phones are offline at this time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email or live chat here

Our Community

We have postponed or cancelled all retail events and are planning to host these digitally where possible.

We are continuing to connect with our community online through live sessions with Arc’teryx team members, athletes, and ambassadors.

We are actively assessing ways to protect and support our community, and the health and safety of our customers, staff and community remains our top priority.

Medical Gowns Update 

From Alpha SV to PPE. The call for medical gowns came directly from our community. After 10 days of collaborating with local health authorities and a few key neighbouring manufacturing and design partners, we’ve come together to prototype and develop a medical gown to address the current shortage as a result of Covid-19.

In the days that follow, a team of sewers, engineers, sample and pattern makers will gather at Arc’One to get to work on fulfilling Arc’teryx’s first production of 500 Level 3 certified gowns to help tackle the current shortage facing the healthcare workers in our own backyard. We will continue to explore how we can support more communities in the near future.

We plan to ramp up the production of medical gowns at Arc’One in two weeks’ time once we receive the materials necessary for production.

 We are in this Together, For What’s to Come.

 Be well,

Your friends at Arc’teryx