READY | For What’s To Come


When you look up skiing in the dictionary, there should be a photo of Chad alongside the definition. In short, he spent years on the Free Ride World Tour and has been on countless expeditions all over the world; this is someone who sets his own standard, defines skiing on his own terms and is unafraid to follow the norm or the expected.

With over 20 years and a dauntingly impressive ski resume, Chad continues to learn and adapt. The past is a great teacher. Our hurt, whether physical injuries or emotional struggles, informs what to prepare against and opens the door of the soul. It is a learned patience to be willing to wait on healing. “Nature has been my guide, my healer and hurter.”

Imagine yourself there. Picture the moment and all that surrounds you. Breathe out and regain your focus on the task. Acknowledge what is and believe that the good and the bad is as it’s meant to be.

Preparation is equal measures of intuition and presence. Intuition is gained over years of experiences, learning to balance risk and reward. Presence comes with a pause, a recognition of the totality of self in the rhythm of nature. Breathe. Listen. Be.

Of course there are overwhelming moments, in thought or in the mountains. Chad turns his gaze to a river. Its sun-scattered ribbons of water flowing gently over rocks, finding its path forward with a soothing gentle purpose. “There is a deep importance to having an open heart. Listen to people and to nature. Be curious.” It is in that curiosity Chad fortifies his spiritual strength and passion for living in the moment.

What’s next might be unknown, but one thing is for certain, Chad will continue to cultivate and convey the love and compassion granted to live every moment.