The Problem Solvers | Arc’teryx FAQ

Is there a project that captured your attention and your heart because of its human kindness? Do you know someone who has acted on their desire to help others? Designs for human impact are the way toward a brighter future; help us celebrate these change makers. Nominate your favourite project, or put your own work forward.  

Our staff will select three problem solving projects. Each of the selected winners will receive a cash prize plus an Arc’teryx gift card. Join us in celebrating designs for positive change and shine the spotlight on good deeds done.

Here are some common questions for more information about The Problem Solvers:

What is the point?

We want to help raise awareness around the problem you are solving or cause you are involved in, as well as reward you for the hard work you are doing in your community. This is also an opportunity to get members of our community engaged and involved in continuing to search out and solve problems.

Who should I nominate?

We are searching for stories about individuals who have contributed to solving problems with the goal of making lives better. There should be proof of work that is been done, or work that is being iterated on.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes! If you have worked on a project around the theme of ‘Design for Human Impact’, nominate yourself! We would love to hear your story.

What is an example of the people / stories you are looking for?

Problems can be big or small, and on a local or global scale. They focus on using design for human impact.

Example: Dan Yurkewich (Toronto based)

Project: Design, prototype and manufacture an advanced prosthetic rock climbing shoe that addresses the desire for an aggressive toe and heel that current models don’t have.

How many winners will be selected for each store?

Each store will select their top 3 problem solvers to reward with prize money and Arc’teryx gift cards.

Which stores will be hosting live events and when?

Live “storytelling” events will be held at:

November 5th– Vancouver

November 7th– Calgary

November 14th– Seattle

November 15th– LA

November 19th– Denver

November 21st– UK

November 21st– Palo Alto (Stanford Center)

December 3rd– Toronto

December 5th– Washington

December 10th– Boston

December 12th– NY

*These events will involve live presentations from the top three selected Problem Solvers and include a live audience voting component on which problem/cause the audience feels the most connected to to determine the distribution of prizing.

Online-only Problem Solvers events will be held at the following stores:





*The top three problem solvers will be selected by teams at our local stores and Arc’teryx Headquarters and then announced and promoted on social media.

What is the timeline for this event?

Application/nomination forms open: August 1 – September 2

Nomination review: September 2 – September 13

Selected Problem Solvers Contacted: September 23– September 30

Social Announcement for stores without events: November 18(week of)

Event Tour: November 5 – December 12

If I don’t live near a store, can I still nominate/apply?

Yes! Please apply (on the basis you live within 90 miles from the store address). If the store is hosting a live event, you just need to be able to get yourself there if you are selected.

Am I required to present my story at a store?

If you (or the person you nominate) are selected as one of the top three Problem Solvers at a store that is hosting a live event, you (or your nominee) will be required to present your story at the Problem Solvers event in person, at the store. Arc’teryx will not be funding speaker travel.

How will the in-store voting work?

Once all three problem solvers share their stories, the audience will be asked to anonymously vote for the story/problem that they feel the most connected to or that deserves our attention. The prize money will then be distributed according to votes. Each speaker will receive prize money and an Arc’teryx gift Gard.

How long will my presentation need to be?

Approximately 10 minutes. Please describe the problem you worked on, your approach to solving it, challenges you faced along the way and what the steps are moving forward.

What can I win?

Live store events (results determined by in-store audience votes):

First prize: $3,000 and an $800 Arc’teryx Gift Card

Second prize: $1000 and a $500 Arc’teryx Gift Card

Third prize: $500 and a $300 Arc’teryx Gift Card

Online events top three prizing (no voting): $1000 + $500 Arc’teryx Gift Card

All winners will also be promoted through Arc’teryx store social media channels and through the Arc’teryx global blog. There will also be opportunity to be featured individually through Arc’teryx’s global social media channels, have your work further supported by Arc’teryx and show up in your local Arc’teryx brand store window.

A photographer will be in attendance at the store event taking photos of each problem solver for the Arc’teryx blog.

What can I do with the prize money?

Use the prize money to continue problem solving and making lives around you better! Treat yourself with the Arc’teryx gift card. 

What is the criteria for selecting the final winners?

We will be looking for problem solving projects that align with one or more of the following filters: Time Well Spent, Mental Health, Accessibility| Diversity and Inclusion | Wild Spaces and Conservation

The project must be completed or currently in progress.

The problem solver must have had direct impact on the work. i.e. not just a financial donation or a one time volunteer project.

The project must connect to the community in some way.

We will be looking for concrete evidence of work being done.

The work must affect more than just the applicant themselves.

The project must NOT be medically related (or research based).

The solution to the problem must have some connection to design or design thinking.

Who are we looking for? Individual or companies?

We are looking for people (one) to apply or nominate an individual. That individual can be part of a company, but he/she must be spearheading a project. We are not receiving applications from entire organizations or non-profits. If you do want to apply through an entire organization or non-profit, please connect with your local store team to learn more about our community grant program.  

Can Arc’teryx staff apply?

Unfortunately not.

Please reach out to your local store team directly through their Instagram or Facebook page to ask any further questions on the application process or event.