Essential Locations, Essential Gear

Words & Photos by: Rishad Daroowala

This past month I completed a road trip across the USA in less than 3 weeks, covering 7 states and 2 provinces. While typically I don’t like to rush my itinerary, this time I had little choice – it was either take 4 flights to get where I needed or take the scenic drive. For my assignment, I was covering some of my favourite landscape locations in Canada and the US.


Along with me for the ride was a group of friends and a smaller than desired car. I had to make the most out of my pack and prepare for all weather conditions. I started in Vancouver and drove as far South and Flagstaff Arizona and back – covering exactly 10,005km in 20 days.

While it wasn’t exactly winter, I did need to stay warm and have all weather conditions covered. Essential gear included the Beta LT jacket for rain and wind (my new favorite jacket), the Cerium SL for mid layer and the Altra 50 as my pack.

Key stops along the way included:

Banff, Alberta
Columbia Falls, Montana
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Zion and Bryce Canyon, Utah
Page, Arizona
The Oregon Coast

First stop was Banff Alberta to visit Moraine Lake before it closed for the Winter.

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Easily some of the best views I’ve ever experienced, we choppered’ over Glacier National Park in Montana.

RishadArcteryx5 RishadArcteryx6 RishadArcteryx7 RishadArcteryx8


Driving past Montana, we made a stop through Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

RishadArcteryx9 RishadArcteryx10

For a change in weather and scenery, we found ourselves in warm Zion & Bryce Canyon, Utah and Page Arizona.

RishadArcteryx11 RishadArcteryx12

Finally we made the trip back up to Vancouver with a few stops along the Oregon Coast.

Being in a small car for long distances can be challenging at times… but I can’t think of a better way to travel than a long road trip with friends. This Winter I’ll be continuing my journeys and moving to Whitefish Montana to live with friends and work in a different environment than I’m normally accustomed to. I’m looking forward to the adventures and sharing more photos from this beautiful region.

** Honestly speaking, I was curious as to why the cultish-following existed for Arc’teryx and not to mention the price tag on some of the products. After getting my hands on the gear I understand the affinity for this brand. The style, (the surprisingly good) performance in the elements as well as the attention to every detail are what make these products a must have for any outdoor explorer. **