Endless Possibilities: Tatum Monod

Words By: Bronwyn Fache

Photos by: Robin O’Neill

Tatum Monod may be best known for her talent charging big mountain lines, but her skillset and passions extend far beyond her skis.

“I was Flyfishing before I was skiing. Some of my earliest memories are being in my dads boat drifting down the Bow River. It’s a nice contrast to what I do all winter, high action and fast paced. On the river time slows down, I feel at peace,” she adds, “I get just as excited catching a big trout as I do standing over a huge line.”

Tatum wears the New Atom LT Hoody in Helix. 

With an abrupt end to the season, 2020 has allowed Tatum the opportunity to uncover new strengths — be it behind a sewing machine, on a skateboard, or in the role as producer for her latest project with CK9 studios. The film, launching Fall 2021, explores different chapters and doorways of Tatum’s career and life thus far, with a focus on her family history in the sport.

Growing up in the Rockies, Tatum’s mountain roots run deep. “Skiing isn’t just a sport or something I like to do. It’s in my DNA. My grandfather was a Swiss Mountain Guide in the 1950s in Chamonix. He moved to Banff in the 60s and brought his shop, Monod Sports with him,” she explains.

Last March, the team was mid-production when they were forced to shut down due to the global pandemic. Now that the original frustration has subsided, the crew is grateful for the extra time to allow for things to naturally unfold.

“This is probably one of the biggest [endeavours] I’ll ever work on in my career, so to think we have a whole other year to go deeper with the project is such a blessing,” says Tatum.

This summer, in a lull from filming, Tatum enrolled in a program through The Cut Fashion Academy, where she’s rediscovered her interest and keen eye for design. As an athlete, she knows firsthand how design can help or hinder one’s experience and is excited to expand her technical skills, with the hopes of collaborating further on Arc’teryx designs.

While it’s clear Tatum is an expert when it comes to skiing, her flexible approach and willingness to try new things proves she’s not fearful of being labelled a beginner.

“Learning to skateboard at the ripe age of 28 has been interesting. I roll up to the skatepark with all my pads on — all the hipsters and cool kids are staring at me, but I just don’t care cause I’m having so much fun. Learning something new and scaring yourself is the most rewarding thing. Especially in a sport where you’re starting from the ground up. The littlest feature you hit feels like Everest.”

Stay tuned for a preview of Tatum’s upcoming film project, coming soon.