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It is that time of year again when climbers across the UK dust off their trad racks and half ropes and head up onto the mountain crags with fingers crossed for sunshine... › Read More
Climbing is a curious sport, if it can even be called that. If you were to try and nail down a definition of what exactly it is amongst individuals who participate in it, it would likely spark a heated debate. The reason for this is that it is always evolving and in a perpetual state of flux. Yearly the boundaries of what we imagine is possible in the climbing world are being broken. › Read More
The word ‘community’ gets used a lot when referring to small towns like Squamish and the people that inhabit such places as the Outdoor Capital of Canada.  Community is also used to describe a group of people with similar passions regardless of geographical separation. › Read More
A black swan event is an incident so unlikely we don’t seriously consider it a risk, but when it does happen has a shattering impact. In retrospect a black swan seems obvious – “We should’ve seen it coming.” – but rationalizing it away doesn’t help us predict the next one. › Read More