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Watching other para-climbers is a humbling experience because I know all to well the challenges they face behind the scenes before they even touch the start holds. These athletes inspire greatness and serve as a reminder of the strength of the human spirit. The comp fades quickly in my mind, but those memories always stay with me. › Read More
Life is pretty amazing on the West Coast of Canada. Not a day goes by that I don't see somebody in the street in Squamish just stop, look up at mountains and smile. I feel it too. The landscape is inspiring, the community of outdoor enthusiasts is thriving and the weather, well the weather has been simply astounding this year. › Read More
10 Places To Be Outside In Minneapolis and St Paul
Minneapolis and St. Paul are like most big cities: skyscrapers, traffic, and 9-to-5 workdays define the week for a lot of us. But that doesn’t slow us down. In fact, Minneapolis and St. Paul have won the fittest city for the third year in row. So, if you’re looking to experience the abundance of nature we are surrounded with in this city, here are some great ways to get outside.  › Read More
Arc’teryx athlete Greg Hill is a mountain slayer.  He has ski toured more vertical in a month than some of us do in a lifetime.  We asked Greg to test our new Lithic Comp system during his epic mountain missions.   › Read More
The ISSW is an international gathering of avalanche technicians, mountain guides and scientists who meet every two years to share findings from the field and the laboratory. It’s a diverse, closely knit community where sometimes sparks fly - as they should, since the topic of debate is safety. › Read More