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Let me start by saying that Jordan is a professional, above all else. He brings with him knowledge, compassion and artistry. So when I watched this experienced photographer turn pale, and become increasingly distressed, it was clear that our story was circling the toilet. › Read More
"As I sit typing this now it's the tail end of summer number four trying this route.  The last week we made a ground up push on the wall, arriving at the crux face pitch with butterflies in our stomachs..." More from Will Stanhope on his incredible send of the Tom Egan Memorial Route after four years of efforts... › Read More
BC photographer Jordan Manley zigzags across the British Isles, discovering the parallels between local rock and the versatility of UK climbers. › Read More
“What do you know about Croatia?” A quick Google search revealed a cerulean blue sea, picturesque villages and endless limestone. That’s how the whole thing started, my wife asked me that simple question and the planning began. › Read More
Prepare To Be Tested: Tools For Living Off-Grid by Adrian Marcoux
By Adrian Marcoux. This is an inside look at living off the grid in Squamish, British Columbia. First and foremost, prepare for your perseverance to be tested and realize that no one will be there to pat you on your back. Getting through each day off the grid will simply mean you might be able to get all the dishes done and have enough warm water to wash your face and underarms. › Read More