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The crazy thing with the Petzl Roc Trip is that they take us to places where I have never thought about going in my life. A special part of these long trips is the unusual experiences you have with all of the people around you. We live every day of these trips together and have a lot of fun. Everyone of us can be a little crazy sometimes, but it’s great because you can really learn from each other and you accept more and more that people are different… and that is a good thing. › Read More
Years ago, flipping through a glossy new climbing rag, a photo caught my eye - A climber’s endeavor through an enormous streaked limestone roof over crystal clear turquoise water. Thailand? I asked myself. No, couldn’t be. They are wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt! I drew my attention to the tiny caption in the corner and read aloud… Lions Head, Ontario. Hmm. A seed of curiosity was planted. › Read More
I am a rock climber because it inspires me and is what I am passionate about. I love the beautiful places it takes me, and the essence of being connected with the mind, body and soul. › Read More
This time an earlier knee surgery put me back on the Norwegian track, or should I say back on the saddle, as biking became part of my rehab process. So I jumped on a bike and went for a ride along the scenic fjords coastline.  I spent two weeks far up north, above the Artic circle, cruising through Lofoten and Senja Island, ending my journey in the town of Tromso.  › Read More
Why are we putting bolts right next to a crack that could be perfectly protected with trad gear? Why are we over-equipping classic climbs with too many bolts to make them more accessible? To raise awareness of questions like these and to the overdevelopment of mountains in general the NGO “Mountain Wilderness Switzerland” organized a four-day climbing event called “Keepwild! Climbing Days“. Their motto: “Keep the climbing in the mountains wild.” › Read More