Arc'teryx Presents: Nic'ole

NORTH VANCOUVER, British Columbia, October 22, 2021 – Arc’teryx Equipment, the global design company specializing in technical high-performance apparel and equipment, is proud to present the film Nic’ole.

For Arc’teryx Ambassador, Nicole McLaughlin- waste is not just a consequence of our unquenchable thirst for new products, it’s an opportunity. “What if I start from scratch, what if I take this apart and remake it, what happens if I just reevaluate this? By doing that I feel like I’ve discovered so many amazing things and possibilities in things that people really deem as useless.”

A chance for us to create something useful out of something useless. A new life. A circular economy – by design.

Learn more about the Arc’teryx + Nicole: Circular By Design Event:, and read all about it on the Bird Blog post.

About Arc’teryx

Arc’teryx is a Canadian company based in the Coast Mountains. Our design process is connected to the real world, focused on delivering unrivalled durability and performance in extreme conditions. Our products are distributed through more than 2,400 retail locations worldwide. We are problem solvers, always evolving and searching for a better way to deliver resolved, minimalist designs. Good design that matters makes lives better.


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