Introducing Used Gear Trade-in in Canada

Our gear lasts. It’s durable by design. It’s engineered to tack on as many days in nature as possible, making it the perfect gear to be passed on. Our Used Gear trade-in program is designed to keep good gear out of the landfill, the back of closets or the scary parts of people’s basements. It gets good gear back into nature with people doing what they love. 

Last year we launched Used Gear in the U.S, and now we’re proud to bring the program to our own backyard in Canada. For every product you bring back, you’ll receive a gift card for 20% of the original retail value that can be used for future purchases online and in-store. Trade in your gear. Get store credit. Try something new. 

To kick things off, you can now trade-in Used Gear at Arc’teryx brand stores and outlets across Canada. As the program builds momentum we’ll be working to make our Used Gear Shop available in Canada so you can get your hands on quality used Arc’teryx gear at reduced prices. Stay tuned. 

So, how does Used Gear trade-in work?  

Bring your clean Used Gear into any Arc’teryx brand store or outlet (see below for our store finder and the list of qualifying gear). We’ll confirm the condition of your gear and make sure that it’s eligible for trade-in. You’ll receive a gift card for 20% of the original retail value to use online or at any Arc’teryx store. 

Use our store finder to locate your closest Arc’teryx brand store or outlet. 


What is Arc’teryx Used Gear? 

Arc’teryx Used Gear are items that are still good to go. They’re in good condition, they just weren’t getting enough use by their previous owner.

Why are we doing this? 

We design gear to last but are still conscious of how our business affects the environment. A used gear marketplace reduces our impact on the planet by keeping good product out of the landfill and moves us closer toward a circular economy. 

How does the program work? 

We buy back used gear in good condition that’s completely functional, then clean and repair products with plenty of life left and put them on sale in our Used Gear Shop (currently only available in the U.S.) 

How much money will I receive for gear I trade in? 

Items that qualify will receive 20% of the original retail value in Canadian dollars. This will come in the form of an Arc’teryx gift card that can be used in-store and online. 

Trade-in gear must be cleaned, in good condition and completely functional. 

Why isn’t Used Gear available for purchase in Canada yet? 

Our recommerce processing facility is based in the US, which currently presents challenges for the processing and distribution of Used Gear to other regions. We are working to make Used Gear available in Canada as soon as possible, so look out for updates on our social media channels.