Unsung Heroes

Photos: Robin O’Neill 

A few weeks ago, we asked you to nominate a group or organization of unsung heroes in your community who deserve recognition for giving extraordinary care during a time when we need it the most. We were completely overwhelmed by the amazing submissions and the heartfelt work that people are getting up to. While we wish we could have chosen everyone, we selected 100 of the most inspiring stories. We’re sending our own version of gratitude to each group, in the form of a 10 pack of Atom LT Hoodies for these heroes to enjoy when they take their capes off.

Below is a snapshot of some of the submissions we received.

Aurora, Colorado

“This team of approximately 40 RN, RTs and Pilots have been seflessly putting themselves in danger and not complaining a bit about taking sick kids whether coronavirus or not in a seven-state region, back to Children’s Hospital. They have been working tons of overtime and leave smiling at the end of every shift. They are my heroes.”

New York, New York

“I’d like to nominate my girlfriend and her colleagues in this time of crisis because they have worked countless hours as a team to provide direct care and comfort to those patients that are struggling to survive Covid-19. They have been sacrificing their own safety and health by putting on what little protective gear they have to help. Often working 12+ hour shifts, coordinating critical care and skipping their own lunches to advocate for their patients. I want to nominate them because they are the front lines and at patients’ bedsides in times of great need. They choose to care when others walk away. Thank you to medical ICU RN’s at NYUMC.”  

British Columbia, Canada  

“It is a small, family-run health food store. The owners are a wife and husband and they have been working tirelessly every day and night to make sure product is coming in, they have also been putting in new protective measures for the staff and customers. They’re always there to answer phone calls and provide any service they can. They are extremely giving and have been providing their staff any supplies they need during this stressful time. They continue to put others above themselves and give so much to their staff, customers, and community. They deserve recognition for all the hard work they continue to do.”

 Ontario, Canada  

“Due to the overwhelming need for medical supplies, patrol services at Blue Mountain donated over 17,000 pairs of medical gloves remaining after this past winter season to the Collingwood general and marine hospital. With the resort shut currently, they sent remaining hand sanitizer from other resort departments as well as help the local hospital.”

London, United Kingdom

“The nurses of ICU have had to rapidly convert their unit into a Covid-19 unit under incredible time pressure. They’ve adapted to it amazingly and have all been working non-stop to ensure their patients are receiving the care they require. The added pressure of being in a Covid unit has meant that the equipment worn has taken a serious toll on the nurses involved, as well as the extra precautions are taken to protect themselves and their families outside the hospital. The hospital as a whole has done amazingly and the staff is working around the clock to adapt and treat patients under extreme circumstances. They’re Britain’s unsung heroes and are putting themselves at risk in this difficult time.”

Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate their local unsung heroes. The selected organizations have been contacted directly. We’ll continue to look for ways to acknowledge those who are keeping love at large during this time of social distancing.