Behind the Lens: The Venda Anorak

The new Venda Anorak offers GORE-TEX weatherproof protection, refined for the urban landscape. This relaxed, almost oversized Women’s pullover was designed as a style conscious piece that is just as functional as any of our waterproof breathables.

“Usually we bring the mountain to the street — here we wanted to bring the street to the mountain,” explains Everyday Design Director Edita Hadravska when asked about the team’s design intent. “We chose buttery soft 30D cKnit fabric so that the Venda feels great next to your skin and wears almost like a lightweight hoody, while also protecting you from wind and rain.”

When we set out to capture the Venda, we knew we wanted to showcase it in a way that amplified its unique aesthetic. We assigned three creators to capture this jacket in the way that truly spoke to them. Read below for more on the photographers background and how they brought their vision to life.

Sirui Ma

“I read this article which really stuck with me. In my spare time I love to get away from the city and go for a weekend hike, and I kind of just thought what better way of using this opportunity than being able to represent someone like me in the outdoors. 

For my Venda shoot, I wanted to create something that was fun, a little different, but still in line with Arc’teryx’s identity. I love clothing with practicality that are adaptable to both urban and outdoors environments, so I thought it’d be perfect to shoot in Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, where you can enjoy the beach, BBQs, hiking trails, and more, all the while being in such close proximity to Manhattan. 

Casting is an important element in my work. I try my best to use real people as my subjects, and a majority of my models are street-cast. I think it’s vital that an audience can see a version of themselves in images put out by brands. Growing up, I didn’t see a lot of imagery like that which felt relatable, and as time went on, I began to recognize the power of being able to imagine oneself portrayed in imagery one comes across in day-to-day life, and what that does for one’s sense of inclusion and belonging.”

Mikael Kennedy

“I’m a Los Angeles based fashion and fine art photographer. My work specializes in the cross-over between the outdoor and fashion industries, often blending the two together in my campaigns and editorials. I was born and raised in the green hills of Vermont and then studied with some of the biggest names in fashion photography in NYC for a decade; I continue to search for ways to push the boundaries of photography and advertising. It was a sculptural vision of photography and styling that I brought to this collaboration with Arc’teryx, placing the Venda Anorak on a classically trained dancer with styling more commonly seeing in Vogue than on the slopes, I allowed the dancer to lead me, creating forms that I followed with my lens to build this campaign.”

Clément Pascal  

“We wanted to approach this project more as a documentary, and decided to follow a New York City commute from city to nature through the lens of filmmaker Kersti Jan Werdal. Werdal seamlessly moves through a myriad of New York City environments capturing what feels instinctual in the everyday: busy morning commuters, windy ferry rides and downtown streets. In this project, the Venda Anorak serves as a framework for the everyday, functional and versatile — all in a day’s work.”