Words: Emily Martin

Photos By: Jeremy Koreski

“Go outside. Leave your phone at home. Go for a walk. Go for a run. Just do something you love, but always leave your phone at home. Because you’re better off without it.”

For Pete being outside in nature, especially in wide-open spaces, is where he feels his calmest. Where he finds Outer Peace.

Surfing gifts him this tranquillity. An opportunity to catch some waves, wash away the worries and just feel good. Any uncertainty, angst or issues he’s stewing over are banished as he focuses on the simple process of conquering nature and riding the wave. Surfing is his exhilarating release. Something which he feels is important for us all to open ourselves up to.

Pete fears that, as a society, we’ve lost our sense of adventure. In the age of Google and information-overload, we have become obsessed with needing immediate answers and results. We shy away from devoting time into the learning process and simply want the knowledge and skills without the commitment.

But life doesn’t and shouldn’t work that way. For if we haven’t invested then why should we reap the rewards? Giving our energy to connecting with a new sport, hobby, activity or relationship is part of the joy. And it generates a connection that is such an imperative part of life.

Unfortunately, Pete believes we are shunning that connection at a time when the overreach and the overabundance of humanity is the biggest problem we’re facing. When we’re the only species with the ability to solve these problems, we must unite. Come together to care for our wild spaces.

Pete feels passionately about living life outside, not through a computer or device. This is likely due to having grown up in a remote slice of paradise, known as Tofino, tucked away at the outer tip of a peninsula in BC. A spot that has steadfastly clung to its historic roots and that treasures its tranquillity. This is where his heart lies, where he considers to be the most beautiful place on earth.

Getting outside and having that time to breathe and just look at his surroundings relaxes Pete and sharpens his perspective. It makes him feel rejuvenated. Healthy. Positive. And he sees the ability to go outside as central to our mental health.

Pete also loves the rain. For its cleansing opportunities and the excitement it brings. He finds areas and places that are the same every day boring. “Things get interesting when it starts raining and getting wild out here.”

This love of the elements makes sense for someone who makes their living in the water. The stormier the weather system that rolls in, the bigger the surf opportunities for Pete and the higher the potential to experience joy. He channelled his love for surfing into a career and he encourages us all to do what we love and love what we do.

For Pete, perfect happiness is being with his family. It’s his family unit that makes him want to get out of bed every day. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, him and his wife realized just how much they love spending time together, as a family, with their son and dog. They found a new appreciation for being in their bubble. This in turn led to a conscious move to dedicate more time for each other. To unplug from the laptops and all the “junk that we don’t really need.”

So, let’s heed his lesson and take time to step away from the chaos. From the constant influx of a filtered reality, and simply be thankful for our bubbles. For the reminder that we are surrounded by people who love us and whom we love in return. That we have access to nature that welcomes us. After all, isn’t that all we really need?

And once we embrace this opportunity for enlightenment, there lies our discovery of Outer Peace.