From Alpha SV to PPE


The call for medical gowns came directly from our community. After 10 days of collaborating with local health authorities and a few key neighbouring manufacturing and design partners, we came together to prototype and develop a reusable medical gown to address the current shortage as a result of Covid-19.

At the beginning of April, a team of sewers, engineers, sample and pattern makers gathered at ARC’One to get to work on fulfilling Arc’teryx’s first production of 500 units of medical gowns to help tackle the current shortage facing the healthcare workers in the local British Columbia region. Employees at ARC’One are adhering to strict health & safety, and distancing protocols, in addition to wearing masks and gloves at production stations. Before the gowns land in their final destination, the products will be professionally washed and sanitized. At this time the gowns are not available for sale, and will be distributed by health authorities. 

We are currently in production to manufacture 30,000 units and will continue to explore how we can support more communities in the near future. A total of 90,000 medical gowns will be produced between Arc’teryx and our partners Mustang Survival and Boardroom Clothing.

Curious how you can help? Inspired by the collaborative nature of this work, manufacturers around the world are now able to access the pattern, design and technical specifications of this gown via the BC Apparel and Gear website. The hope is this open source pattern will enable more manufacturing outlets to bring these gowns to communities in need.

In addition, the best way to Do Right at this time is to stay home and prevent the spread of COVID-19. This literally saves lives.