The determination and grit needed to run no matter the weather isn’t something that everyone possesses. The few that do, deserve garments as indifferent to inclement weather as they are.

ARC’TERYX is proud to introduce for fall/winter 2018 new cold weather mountain and trail running products, designed to protect athletes from the elements as they propel themselves to achieve their personal bests, year-round. The packable Gaea and Argus SL Vest and the Gaea and Argus Jacket provide lightweight, breathable warmth to cold weather runners.

Argus SL Jacket


 Thermoregulation in Dry, Cold Environments

The Gaea and Argus Jacket provides athletes who engage in high output mountain and trail running during cold and dry winter conditions with the measured warmth at minimal weight required for them to excel in every adventure they set themselves upon.

The Argus and Gaea’s composite construction comes together to ensure an ergonomic, highly breathable, lightly insulated running jacket designed to regulate your microclimate so you can run all year, comfortably and confidently.

Drawing on our expertise in technical garment and fabric innovation, we chose resilient, ultralight, breathable materials to construct the jacket.

Octa™ Loft Synthetic Insulation—a proven light, efficient and highly air permeable material—provides warmth without sacrificing air flow. An optimum balance of airflow and wind resistance helps to ensure proper thermoregulation. To this end, Lumin™—an ultralight, breathable, tear and water-resistant nylon material—was chosen for the jacket’s front face.

Gaea SL Jacket


A polyester/elastane back panel brings covers the back and includes integrated, bounce-free stash pockets sized to fit flasks, gels or small digital devices.

An Exceptionally Lightweight Midlayer for Cold, Wet Weather

Designed to be worn as an insulative layer under a waterproof jacket like the Norvan SL, the Gaea and Argus SL Vest brings ARC’TERYX’s two decades of experience in innovative apparel design to bear on the problem of keeping committed mountain runners warm in cold, wet weather.

Created by runners to provide thermal performance without sacrificing airflow, the new vest is incredibly light (60g women’s and 70g men’s) and powerfully functional. Combining measured insulation with exceptional air permeability, it manages the small shifts in temperature encountered on long trail runs

Gaea SL Vest