A concept shift in high output cold weather layering


North Vancouver, BC (January 2017) – Driven to deliver the most advanced thermal insulation for cold and wet activities in high alpine environments, Arc’teryx proudly introduces its new Alpha IS Jacket for Fall 2017. The culmination of over 25 years of experience and knowledge in creating new textiles, new insulations, and new construction techniques, the ALPHA IS JACKET is a single layer solution that offers the warmest, most efficient insulation for its weight.

A full-weather system for alpinists and ice climbers, the new ALPHA IS JACKET combines insulation and hardshell into a single garment. This optimized construction reduces overall weight, coming in warmer and 18% lighter than two separate jackets.

Complex in design yet simple in functionality, by combining highly hydrophobic ThermaTek and CoreloftContinuous insulations with N40p-X GORE-TEX® 2 Layer exterior, the ALPHA IS JACKET delivers efficient moisture management with optimal weather protection. Climbers can confidently achieve remote cold weather objectives by moving faster and lighter, without compromising warmth or shelter.

“Staying dry is crucial to comfort during multi-phase activities in cold environments and wet conditions. Water robs warmth twenty-four times faster than air and any amount of moisture in a layering system compromises comfort and performance,” says Jon Rockefeller, Arc’teryx Product Line Manager. “By using an integrated layering system that keeps outside moisture out and allows excess humidity inside the system to escape efficiently, the ALPHA IS JACKET delivers more inherent comfort during the multiple phases of alpine activities than a multiple layer system.”

Precisely tuned for the different physiologies of men and women, the Women’s ALPHA IS JACKET features an extra layer of Coreloft™ Continuous in the torso and shoulders to create an all-in-one system that is 11% lighter in weight and 72% warmer than a 3-piece layering system.  Insulated helmet compatible hoods, 2-way belay-friendly front zippers, insulated hand pockets, and stretch cuffs complete the jacket.

Overall weights of the ALPHA IS JACKET are as follows:

  •  MEN’S ALPHA IS JACKET – 610g / 21.5oz
  •  WOMEN’S ALPHA IS JACKET – 605g / 21.3oz
  • Intuitively simple, extremely lightweight and strong by design, the new ALPHA IS JACKET perfectly balances weather protection, warmth, and air flow into one single layer. With meticulous attention to detail, premium materials, and a unique construction process, the ALPHA IS JACKET provides an effortless design solution that can be trusted to work in the coldest and wettest conditions – without all of the weight.