Holiday Film Festival

Experience Outdoors Inside

With films that inspire, engage, and entertain, our Holiday Film Festival is the perfect way to bundle up and adventure right from your living room.

Here Goes

A mantra is a personal phrase that is intended to use your thoughts as a guide. Before Sam drops into any line, he utters his own mantra, "here goes". What began as a superstitious habit has become the final push of confidence used to face any task he might encounter. Everything from public speaking to dropping committed pillow lines in the backcountry. Couple that with a love of music and you've got yourself a serious recipe for focus and execution. Here Goes.

Featuring: Sam Kuch
Run Time: 7 minutes

Testing Grounds

What drives the inquisitive mind to create? And how long do we endure failure to uncover success? Achievement looks different to every human and sometimes looks unfamiliar, even to those who achieve their goals.Testing Grounds is a short film about a man failing upward on the long climb to reinvention and the pain he endures to rise above a family’s legacy of failure.

Featuring: Joey Vosburgh
Run Time: 5 minutes


WoGü is a dream, an illusion, a legendary route stretching ten pitches through the heart of the spectacular Rätikon range of Switzerland. WoGü is also a movie that offers humorous and insightful perspectives on the day-to-day work of big wall climbing, from both sides of the camera.

Featuring: Nina Caprez
Run Time: 40 minutes

Low Tide

For Stinius Skjøtskift skiing is about so much more than blue skies and powder. Skiing in the arctic can be rough, especially on the coast. Known for its unique nature, pointy peaks, and changing weather, Lofoten presented a unique challenge for Stinius to test his boundaries and explore new terrain.

Featuring: Stinius Skjøtskift
Run Time: 4 minutes


A story about nature, passion and skiing rooted in the four elements: earth, water, fire, air.

Featuring: Silvia Moser
Run Time: 13 minutes


Tatum Monod’s career has held doors of every kind. Doors that reach back as far as her Grandfather and have carried on through generations. Her career, successes, losses and injuries have all shaped the skier and person she is today. This short film will open these doorways and uncover the sources of her inspiration.

Featuring: Tatum Monod
Run Time: 18 minutes

The Why

Bad weather, harsh conditions, avalanche risk. Why are we doing this? After a failed ski expedition to Tajikistan back in 2019 a quartet of mountain athletes search for the answer to this one simple question together.

Featuring: Fabian Lentsch, Max Kroneck, Joi Hoffmann and Pauli Trenkwalder
Run Time: 35 minutes