Find Outer Peace

Sometimes hope flutters in the wind like a leaf during an autumnal shift. The rains come. The snow falls upon barren branches. Yet the tree remains, steadfast and tall, weathering the days, displaying how beautiful it is to simply exist. What seems gone forever just needs to be teased out. With assurance in the cycle of seasons, winter gives way to spring and the hope that was inside us all along, buds anew.

In the midst of a storm we learn the power of nature, the same power that lies within us. We are designed to overcome, to be transformed in the process. At the foot of the mountain, we may only see clouds. We move upwards in brave steps, with shortness of breath towards the infinite. Like the trees, through struggle we strengthen. We bend. We lean on each other as we grow.

The external guides the internal. This is the spirit of Outer Peace.

Recent research is telling us what we already knew deep inside – that our fundamental connection to nature needs to be reclaimed and nurtured. In a world that is increasingly connected through streams of electrons, we are finding ourselves more and more disconnected from the environment around us and each other.

Increase your time outside and with others, developing a deeper connection instead of staring at a screen, shifting from one app to another. Slow down, take note of your surroundings and find awe in even the smallest versions of nature you see. Reimagine the definition of nature – from the vast, remote wilderness to the light breeze through the tree on the sidewalk. In this reimagination, may we redefine our joy and reclaim connection.

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We are Together For What’s To Come.