For The Planet

The science is increasingly clear about the scope and impacts of the problem and of our limited time window left to address the worst effects. At Arc’teryx, as global citizens we are alarmed at the risks from prolonged droughts, from severe storms and flooding, and of agricultural disruption. As outdoors people, the impacts from an unstable climate threaten activities, communities, ways of life, and cultures that we love. As designers, however, our mind moves quickly to how to we can address the problem.

Climate change – in its massive scale, complexity, and long term nature – is a wicked problem. We are taking steps to address our own footprint, but we recognize that the scale of change must be systemic. To understand these systemic solutions we rely on the expertise and insight of partner organizations that get into the science of the issue, that work to define clear paths for action, and that unrelentingly push for urgency and progress from governments and business. One such leading organization is the Pembina Institute, a not-for-profit that works to advance a prosperous clean energy future for Canada through credible policy solutions that support communities, the economy and a safe climate.

We’ve partnered with the Pembina Institute and a handful of leading businesses to form the Business Coalition for a Clean Economy in order to champion ambitious and effective climate policies like carbon pricing. Arc’teryx is proud to be headquartered in British Columbia where we pay a $40 per tonne tax on carbon. While this tax is not a silver bullet, it is by consensus the most effective way to favour low-carbon economic development. This pro-climate, pro-business approach is in line with our vision for growth in a clean economy.

After a drive on April 17 to donate 100% of proceeds from our online sales, Arc’teryx is proud to donate $51,557 to support the Pembina Institute’s leadership of the Business Coalition for a Clean Economy in honour of this Earth Day. This initiative champions ambitious, win-win action to address climate change from both government and business.