Defending Public Lands | Using Our Business to Support Our Conservation Values

Words by President/GM Arc’teryx Equipment, Jon Hoerauf. Photos by Ange Percival

Protecting wild spaces is a foundational cause for Arc’teryx and never has there been a time more important for us to lean in to the Public Lands defense. I grew up in Michigan. My parents were older, which meant that I learned about the outdoors with my siblings. From an early age, I spent hours and hours outside, chasing after my older brothers and sister, connecting with them and learning about myself. The thought that our governmental leaders are attempting to disrupt this basic human connection is scary and short-sighted.

Peter Mather photo.

The United States contains some of the most beautiful and inspirational natural places on earth. Right now, the current government is threatening these places by pushing to gut the Antiquities Act and gut National Monuments around the US. This is happening despite the overwhelming response of Americans actively supporting the protection of Monuments during the open comment period coordinated by the US Department of the Interior. The need to protect the public lands system is at a critical point. We cannot stand by and allow the good that was done become unravelled.

Arc’teryx can make a difference as a business by leveraging our resources to advocate on behalf of our customers. That is why we decided to partner with The Conservation Alliance, one of our longstanding affiliations, and channel all net proceeds from US online sales to their Public Lands Defense Fund. This fund is important because it will be used to defend National Monuments; defend bedrock conservation laws; and oppose the proposed transfer of federal lands to states or to private hands.

Graham Osborne photo.

When something like this happens in the US, it has a ripple effect in Canada and around the globe. The world is shrinking. There are not that many wild spaces left. We must preserve what we have, wherever it is, and work together to make that happen.

I believe that all humans share a connection and attraction to nature and wide-open spaces. As the world continues to move faster and faster, being able to spend time to allow things to slow down and ground us in what really matters is important. I firmly believe that this human need is innate and doesn’t change from generation to generation.

Jenn Hoffman photo.

I’m proud to be part of a business that has a clear set of values, with the courage to live them, and the ability to make a difference. My commitment as the leader of this business is that we will continue to lean in and use our voice, our energy and our resources to live those values, whether it is here in Canada or in the global markets where our customers are living the values of Arc’teryx.

If you live in the US, and you are considering an Arc’teryx product, I encourage you to make that decision on November 28th to channel your purchases into protecting public lands.

Join us in speaking up.

Garth Lenz photo.