Athlete Picks: Janelle Smiley

With instinctual endurance and speedy style, Janelle Smiley summits peaks so smoothly that some wonder if she was a mountain goat in a past life. Janelle holds the women’s speed record for running the Teton Grand Traverse, as well as many first females ski descents and first female climbing ascents.

What are your top-five  “can’t live without”  pieces of gear? 

1) Norvan LD 2 Shoe: I always have a pair of running shoes with me, so whenever I get the chance I can go for a run. I even bring them in my carry on when I fly in case I get delayed or have a really long layover.
2) Kapta Short 3.5: running in jeans is quite difficult!
3) Squamish Hoody: It is always in my backpack or on my harness.
4) Nuclei FL Jacket: Love this jacket more than any other insulating jackets I’ve owned. It goes ski touring with me every time.
5) Granville 20 Backpack: A truly stylish and useful diaper bag for my 1.5-year old daughter, Sayla

  1. As an athlete you’re accustomed to big adventures. Where’s the next place you want to visit once travel is possible? 

    I want to venture to South America or back to New Zealand.

    What’s your go-to meal in the outdoors/backcountry? 

    My homemade bars.

    What’s a new skill you learned or activity you tried in 2020? 

    I started Grad School for a mindfulness-based counselling psychology program.

  1. What’s your go-to song for when you need an instant mood boost? 

    I resort to the teachings of Michael Singer.

    If you were stranded on an island with another Arc’teryx athlete, who would you want it to be? 

    Easy, Mark Smiley. If I said anyone else, I’d get in trouble.

    What’s a goal you hope to accomplish before the year is up? 

    I feel like most of my goals have been sidelined… I am navigating that question at the moment.