Professional Photographer Jordan Manley Reviews the Beta LT Jacket

Words and Photos by Jordan Manley

It rains a lot on Vancouver's North Shore, where I live. For anyone who lives on the North Shore and wants to spend time out side, you not only have to accept the rain, you have to embrace it.

The dark, foggy, rainy/snowy days are my favourite conditions to go out and photograph.  That is when the forests feel most alive and dynamic. But, I don't like being wet or cold, so the jacket that I wear is as important as the camera that I bring with me to shoot.


The Beta LT is my go-to jacket for these kinds of days. It is a great combination of lightweight packability, breathability and weather protection.  That means it's great for the climb up, and for the times when I'm standing in the pouring rain for hours working or waiting to get the shot that I'm after.

Packability and Durability:

If I want to shed a layer then it goes in my bag and doesn't add much weight or bulk (camera gear is heavy and bulky enough, so every light bit counts). It has all the essential features but still remains a minimalist, comfortable jacket. There are very few seams and the durability of the fabric is appreciated, especially where my camera pack comes into contact with the jacket.


When the temps are cooler I will often wear an Atom LT or a Cerium LT layer under my jacket depending on what type of shoot I am on.

Jordan Manley is an award-winning action sports photographer from North Vancouver BC, Canada.

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