Issue No. 8 // Terra Firma

Humans need anchors. Terra firma allows us to locate our earthly existence. It gives us confidence, ignites curiosity, restores perspective. It is part of our collective subconscious. This issue celebrates place. Places of refuge and identity. Places that move us, teach us, and reflect what we have already learned. The ideal world is not in our imagination; it is terra firma.

Issue No. 7 // STEADFAST

As humans we have all encountered turning points. To be steadfast is to have known the weakest part of yourself and moved through it. These people are cables, muscle and guts, humility and grit.

Issue No. 6 // GRACEFUL

Knowing who we are is a form of acceptance and surrender. Living in the mountains, learning, experiencing the world, expanding through all things shared, grace comes from being human, together.

Issue No. 5 // Environ/mental

Uncorrupted, beautiful, powerful – true wilderness today exists only in ragged strips and isolated pockets. As recreationalists, we rationalize using fossil fuels, plastics, adhesives and other nasty business to get our hit of grace. What is the antidote to our actions?

Issue No. 4 // Darkness and Light

Humans are unable to distinguish colour in conditions of either total darkness or infinite light. When reduced to black or white the world can become a place of fear and chaos, whether we are considering life and death situations or moral conflicts. In science, technology and culture, a collision of ideas is happening, spawning new forms and systems. The creative process requires courage and combines unlikely forces. Above ground and underground we map new horizons and break with convention. Darkness only exists because there is light to reveal it for what it is – absence. The absence of light, or of knowledge, or of inspiration. In the absence of absolutes, we find grace and dignity. Perspective is everything.

Issue No. 2 // The Uptrack

What is it we think about as we wind our way over untracked slopes? Do we seek privacy and sublime beauty; or is there a subconscious urge to blaze brightly for the audience or camera that might be watching? With advances in technology, pressures on time, and the rise of weekend backcountry experts, the uptrack has become an art form that bears some reflection.