Get In The Van: Jason Kruk And His #mobilemountainpad

Words and photos by Jason Kruk. 

It's not the social norm to live in a van. But if you really think hard about it, you may realize there is no longer any reason NOT to live in a van. At least that's what happened recently to me...

It's hard not to agree on some level with the cliché 'home is where the heart is'. I feel the most 'at home' when I'm in the mountains. A guy needs a place to live though, so since completion of high school, gee, that was 8 or 9 years ago, I've settled in the mountain town of Squamish, BC. During that time I've rented lots - all sorts of abodes. Each move motivated by the usual contributing factors like opportunity, climbing expeditions, needs (real or perceived), sale of property, finances, powder snow, relationship status, and sometimes even mood.

The previous generation did a great job capitalizing on our planet. I feel like it's our job now to give back. Currently I've devoted my life to the mountain arts of climbing, skiing, and free flight. It's been my recent, ongoing project to utterly simplify, and live a highly efficient life devoted (for the time being) to my craft. My passion for adventure often takes me traveling overseas. When I'm at home in the mountains of western Canada I want to be adaptable and mobile in the perpetually changing environment of the mountains. Above all else, the mountains require flexibility.

An all-time road trip in BC and Alberta this spring got me thinking seriously about the mobile life. We packed the full climbing kit, skis, paragliders, and two huskies into my girlfriend's micro Chevy 5-speed, and followed weather, conditions, and stoke. If the #climbflyskisafari was any indication, a new life on the road will take my passion to the next level!

I invite everyone to follow my adventures in the mountains based from the #mobilemountainpad. I will be contributing to the Arc blog or social media feeds weekly, sharing stories of adventure and stoke from a simple mountain life in a van.

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