Katharina Habermann

Tue, 03/08/2016 - 00:59
After four successful editions of the event, the Arc'teryx Alpine Academy is returning to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc June 16-19, 2016
Sun, 02/21/2016 - 16:02
One Italian town, two days of shooting, eight professional and 40 hobby photographers and endless possibilities to shoot and play.
Fri, 02/19/2016 - 14:02
The freeride photography competition started with a day of mixed weather, positive minds and motivated teams vying for the crown of the 2016 Arc´teryx King of Dolomites.
Mon, 01/25/2016 - 08:56
Words by Katharina Habermann. Photos by Jakob Schweighofer.  Eight top Freeride photographers from around Europe gathered in Sogndal, Norway this past January 13-17 for a 72h photo challenge. During this period, they encountered both heavy snowfall and bluebird skies as well as harsh snow conditions and fluffy powder. Everything was possible to integrate in their 1 min presentation on their adventures.
Luka Lindič In Patagonia: Granite At The End Of The World
Tue, 03/10/2015 - 13:22
"Being in Patagonia for the first time I realized that there, if anywhere, you can't really plan your climbing. On the other hand, it’s actually a perfect place to learn how to make the most of small windows of good weather and tricky conditions”, said Luka Lindic after his first visit to “the granite at end of the world”.
Tue, 01/20/2015 - 13:27
The bottom half of the new line had already been climbed. It's a cool 7b+ and the new route moves from this line into a sweeping wave, with increasingly steep rock; there is no place to rest with crimps, slopers and sharp 2-finger pockets. The new line is technically demanding, relentless and mentally challenging!
Mon, 12/29/2014 - 13:30
At 43, Toni proves he still has explosive power when he needs it. The route Black Flag is named after a famous hard-core punk band and their non-conformist nature is also evident in how the route climbs.
Wed, 11/19/2014 - 14:42
For Arc´teryx athlete Thibaud Duchosal spring in the Southern Hemisphere is the best time for what he calls a ‘volcano experience’. He and his small crew of Argentinean pro skier Lucas Swieykoswski and French filmmaker Laurent Jamet, just came back from their South America trip. Their initial plan: three volcanoes in ten days - Lanin in Argentina plus Puyehue and Tronador in Chile.
Mon, 11/03/2014 - 10:35
Many pitches of steep ice followed. The ice was polished of all the spindrifts and brittle like glass”. Conditions like this continued in the upper part of the face where they expected to move fast again but got slowed down. In this steep icy terrain they could not find a place to bivy and had to continue. Finally at 2am, after 23 hours of breaking trail and climbing they  reached a narrow ridge at 6320m where they placed the tent and got some rest.
Thu, 06/05/2014 - 00:25
Pure, athletic, powerful and just beautiful:  Swiss Arc´teryx climber Nina Caprez sends “Hélix au pays des merveilles”. Her first 8c+ / 5.14c and the route´s first female redpoint.