"It can be the beauty of the mountain or its difficulty that challenges you. Usually one of those characteristics ignites a spark in me that eventually transforms into an idea. Beauty and difficulty sometimes meet in a shape of an incredible mountain like Gasherbrum IV. The spark and the idea happened already a while ago, but it wasn't until this year that this was actually our project." › Read More
By: Arc'teryx
Climbing is full of moments, some more exciting and others more strange. We are celebrating our #climberhands this month by looking back at a few of our favourite climbing pieces of the year. › Read More
My beaten body rests on a carpet of blissfully soft moss. Gradually I feel the dampness of the greenery soaking through the ass of my pants and the hood of my fleece, but I’m far too tired to care. When I crack open my eyelids I see swirling clouds above and filtered light from a setting, mid-August sun. Only slightly nauseous at this point, I finally release myself to imagine pizza, beer and chocolate. My day-dream is interrupted by some muddled swear words and my Dad joyously yelling from below with a cracked voice, “It’s amazing! These things we do for fun!” This was the hardest climbing day of my life.  › Read More
Dorothy Russell started climbing in the Lake District in 1959 aged 19, She came with about six freshman friends from Manchester University during a crisp fall, flowing up the ‘strenuous’ rock in her gym shoes. An adventurous aunt had sent her on a mountaineering course a few years before, so Dorothy was an adept climber, one of the few women leading trad. She found it thrilling, not frightening. She now lives in the Lake District. › Read More
Divine Providence: Nina Caprez Onsites Mont Blanc's Most Difficult Route
"I am not quite sure what bit me when I did this route, but it must have been something magical. Sometimes your gut makes you try things. That is the case for Divine..." › Read More
Karin’s title is Seilbahnerin. There is no translation. Her position puts her in charge of one tram lift, including everything from maintenance to future planning, daily operations to scheduling her crew and keeping the service buildings tidy. She is the only female in the world with her credentials.  › Read More
We might be biased, but we're going to go ahead and say that the 2016 Arc'teryx Climbing Academy was the best one yet.  Mark Smiley photo. Credit: @smileysproject › Read More
All About The 2016 Arc’teryx Climbing Academy
We talk to Climbing Academy organizer Justin Sweeny about the July 14-17 event in Squamish, BC   › Read More
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“The line. The line is so important. That was what really got me, back in the day. I wanted to find the raddest line, especially stuff that looked improbable or crazy, or had crazy moves in it--things that don’t seem like they should go.” › Read More
By: Arc'teryx
Climbing in the Gunks is rarely straightforward. Unlike Yosemite or Indian Creek, there are hardly any discernible cracks to follow. Instead the lines weave and meander through weaknesses, corners, and roofs. › Read More