Iceland was not as I expected. Or, at least, half of what I did, and half a pleasant surprise of awe and newfound understanding. During my short excursion, I witnessed more natural wonders than in all of my life; Glaciers, dormant volcanoes, waterfalls of great magnitude and variety, a peek of the northern lights, and black sandy beaches.  › Read More
Katy Whittaker And Mina Leslie-Wujastyk Battle British Limestone - photos by Clark and Eder
What happens when two climbing athletes work to achieve slightly different goals on the same site? Arc'teryx athletes Mina Leslie Wutastyk and Katy Whittaker teamed up to tackle the British monster of Raven Tor's ‘Mecca The Mid Life Crisis’. Katy worked for the 8b+ and Mina the extension of it, 8c. They each offer their perspectives of the other's battle along the way.   › Read More
  "Whether I am guiding, climbing recreationally or working in some other capacity in the mountains is irrelevant.  My individual risk management responsibilities will vary depending on the group and my role within it, however, the collective acceptable risk level for the trip must be met in similar ways". Marc Piché › Read More
Snowmaking and Climate Change: Wayne Flann's Observations
Veteran snow safety and ski rescue professional Wayne Flann has joined us for the 2014/15 season to give us thoughtful info about conditions in the Sea To Sky corridor of British Columbia and to teach us a thing or two about understanding the weather - and how it relates to our time in the backcountry... › Read More
For Arc´teryx athlete Thibaud Duchosal spring in the Southern Hemisphere is the best time for what he calls a ‘volcano experience’. He and his small crew of Argentinean pro skier Lucas Swieykoswski and French filmmaker Laurent Jamet, just came back from their South America trip. Their initial plan: three volcanoes in ten days - Lanin in Argentina plus Puyehue and Tronador in Chile. › Read More
ACMG Ski Guide & Apprentice Alpine Guide Erica Roles was the 2014 recipient of the Arc'teryx ACMG scholarship designed to help guides on their quests to become Internationally Certificate Mountain Guides. She writes about the process of earning her certifications - and touches on life as a female guide (and mother) in a typically male-dominated industry... › Read More
I have been working on this route for a few years now with the goal being to create a multi day ski tour through the highest mountains in Norway. Five days of great skiing, one 2000m peak day including Norway’s two highest peaks, linked by the existing hut system. Everyday was between 1400-2000m of vertical gain while traveling 15-20km. › Read More
The entrance was small, roughly 15 feet wide and 10 feet tall. We ran in to check it out and at first it seemed very promising. There was a side passage glowing with the most awesome blue ice backlit by the sun. The cave was muddy and had a small creek inside. We followed the ice tube steeply uphill for about 100 feet until it terminated and we exited through a side passage onto the boulder field. Great lead and not the greatest disappointment. It was still a glacier cave after all. › Read More
How Our Athletes Train For Ski Season With Christina Lustenberger And Izzy Lynch: photos by William Eaton, Robin O'Neill and Austin Ross
As former ski racers, Arc'teryx athletes Christina Lustenberger and Izzy Lynch have both spent more than their fair share of hours lifting weights in a gym. But for adventure-driven individuals like these ladies, repetitive training programs and being stuck in the confines of a squat rack is only fun for so long. Just as the freedom of exploring the mountains ultimately drew them down their respective paths as mountain athletes, it has shaped the way that they prepare for their sport in each shoulder season. › Read More
The big faces in the Mont Blanc massif started to build up early this season, thanks to an unstable summer with cold temperatures and a lot of rainfall. By the end of summer, many routes that normally only form in colder autumn or winter air suddenly stood splendidly in a fading summer light.  Above all the Grande Jorasses (4208m) loomed over the massif, unrivaled, her tremendous north face strewn with veins of daunting, glittering ice. › Read More