The Tomahwak to Exocet Link Up seemed like a perfect primary objective. It follows a series of steep, sustained and aesthetic ice chimneys separated by snow ramps on a big east face. It is also in the Torre Group, which I find to be the peaks in the region I am most drawn towards. › Read More
We pulled out the topo at the top of pitch seven, utterly confused.  “Down climb twenty five meters following a brail trail of insecure slab and edges trending to the right, then climb the corner to a ledge, "5.12." It was the craziest pitch I have climbed anywhere, and alternatively solved easily with a 15 second lower and pendulum, but Mike and I came to Mt. Hooker to free climb.  › Read More
Gloves are one of the most complicated products to build. The hand has a range of motion that enables us to accomplish a wide variety of tasks with precision and dexterity unmatched by any other body part. › Read More
Words by Piotr Drożdż, Photos by Luka Lindič and Luka Krajnc 1978 - Latok I, 2500-meter high North Ridge - Jim Donini, Michael Kennedy, George and Jeff Lowe retreat about 100 meters from the summit ridge after 26 continuous days spent on the spur. "This is one of my favourite high altitude climbing stories", says Luka Lindič. This year Luka got a chance to take a closer look at that piece of mountaineering history. › Read More
According to some records, Mount Hunter's summit is reached by no more than six climbers a year. In June of this year, that distinguished and small group of ascentionists was about to expand. › Read More
Mike Blenkarn is an original, a creative thinker and a fixture in the R&D Department at Arc’teryx. A huge part of how he figures out what needs to be created and how to make it work best is through being outside and active › Read More
“We were in the Canadian Mountains surrounded by massive glaciers and huge granite walls far from an easy rescue. I could feel my maternal responsibilities so intensely, yet at the same time I was happy that Manu had managed to climb and enjoy these two alpine routes with me.” › Read More
When asked about his favourite routes in the Front Range of Colorado where he grew up and learned to climb, Jonathan Siegrist, clearly a history buff, had no trouble rattling off a dozen different routes at different crags—all with credit given to the first ascentionist. › Read More
Whether you are ski touring in the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia or the Western Alps of Europe, proper layering is crucial for regulating body temperature while shielding you from the elements. › Read More
Words by Piotr DrożdżPhotos by Robert Bösch › Read More