Words & Photos: Morgan Phillips When Explore Canada, Travel Alberta, and Arc’teryx approached me to tell the story of ice climbing, skiing and snowboarding in Banff, Alberta I happily obliged. Known as one of the most beautiful places in North America, it has remained a dream location that I have always wanted to photograph: picture mountains with steep faces and jagged peaks, amazing snow patterns and the most beautiful backdrops you could ever imagine. › Read More
The 2015 King of Dolomites wrapped up in beautiful San Martino di Castrozza, Italy on Sunday, capping off the event's extremely successful third year in style. With 13 professional photography teams battling it out for top prize and an astounding 108 participants in the open 'Wannabes' category, 2015 solidified the King of Dolomites as one of the premier photography and freeride events on the winter calendar. › Read More
There's a scene in Frozen Titans where I am clearly really messed up. I'd pushed too hard for too long in horrible conditions, and entered into a sort of mental physical trash compactor zone where my options are decreasing with every minute I spend there. › Read More
Truth be told, I can count the amount of times I have skied on one hand. It's something I have managed to keep quiet for a long time, despite being labeled as an adventure photographer. I knew there was no way to keep it under wraps much longer and that my heinous pizza slow-down was about to emerge as I spent 10 days traveling British Columbia’s powder highway...MORE BY CHRIS BURKARD... › Read More
There's something truly special about skiing in the silence of snowcapped trees. Letting your body follow your eyes as you weave in and out of the gentle giants is a serious form of meditation.  › Read More
It was Wednesday, just past midnight. A text from Arc’teryx photographer Angela Percival pops up on my phone: “Hi Pia! Heard you’re back on your skis, and that your knee is doing fine. What’s your plan the upcoming week? Can you come to Japan for a shoot this Friday?” › Read More
Dropping The Clutch In Patagonia: Marc-Andre Leclerc And Colin Haley
When the weather is good in Patagonia it is time to ‘drop the clutch’, so to speak, because good weather surely means that bad weather is on the way. After arriving in Chalten late in the evening of January 15th, I was surprised to hear that a four-day weather window was just setting in and there would be no time to ease into things whatsoever. Colin Haley and I had agreed to partner up for the next three weeks and we had big objectives on our minds, all centered around the famous Torre group. MORE FROM MARC-ANDRE LECLERC... › Read More
I had the opportunity to use this jacket while alpine climbing in various locations from the Coast Mountains of BC, the Cascade’s in Washington, and the Bugaboos in the Interior of BC.  Spending long days in varying temperatures and climates can be challenging, and having the right outerwear to get you through any situation possible is important.  › Read More
The suit... Yeah, that’s a funny story actually. It’s probably a $10,000 suit after everything it took to get it there. My brand new pants and jacket were unrecognizable after Sweetgrass sent it this guy in the US who built the light suits for Pep (Fujas) and I.  Pep had his right from the start of the trip, but mine showed up near the end because there were some shipping troubles or something and it was stuck in customs. One of the guys from the crew was on the phone everyday with customs before it was releases and rush shipped to Golden. They had to fly it in on its own heli to the lodge. › Read More
"Two days of rest helped ease the pain of my injured ribs and we returned. During the approach we kept on cracking jokes as we were in such high spirits that there was no room for fears or doubts. Highly motivated by my friends, I started climbing." › Read More