Product Testing And The Design Process: With Lusti And Sarah Wallace (Photos by Christina Lusti and Austin Ross)
"I met head Whiteline designer Sarah Wallace three years ago. Spending time with Sarah at her desk has become a common occasion between ski trips and shoulder season visits to the design office. I started out knowing little about outerwear apparel and over the years I learned about seam allowance, face fabrics rating, DWR - I even had the chance to sew a few pieces of my own in the office. This opportunity allowed me to create a working relationship with the design team and an understanding of the true craftsmanship that goes into the all Arc'teryx products..." › Read More
Paul McSorley's Baffin Island Expedition Trip Report
"We arrived in the village of Clyde River, NU July 27 and connected with our outfitter, the gruff but straight shooting Levi Palituq. Over the next few days we made two attempts to reach Sam Ford Fiord by powerboat. On the second effort we managed (barely) to get out of Clyde Inlet amidst a sea of slowly fracturing pack ice. The 160km nautical trip which takes six hours in good conditions, lasted nearly twelve hours as we jockeyed and bumper-boated our way through a giant jigsaw puzzle of ice bergs..." › Read More
Siegrist On 'Speed' In Switzerland
"I first saw video of ‘Speed’ probably 8 years ago. I was in my sophomore year as an undergrad at Naropa University in Boulder, Co. I had been climbing for a little over a year. Every day that I had time after class I would drive my truck up to the local bouldering spot, Flagstaff Mountain, and desperately climb V5 until my skin was wrecked. After one of these bouldering sessions, a friend showed me the climbing film, ‘Auto Route’, and totally in awe, I watched it on repeat. The basic story is that three American boys were touring Europe and crushing. For some reason the footage of Dave Graham climbing ‘Speed’ left a special impression on me..." › Read More
The idea was pretty simple. Get in the car, drive 5 minutes to the Squamish airport, then get in a helicopter and fly 5 minutes up into the Tantalus Range for a week of summer mountaineering. › Read More
Our trip began with a whirlwind 72hrs in Paris and Dubai but quickly landed us in Kathmandu, with the welcome of a huge culture shock. After being landlocked with no oceans or mountains, our bodies yearned for a climb. Little did we know this would turn out to be the beginning stage of our spectacular scenic trek to Everest Base Camp. Go big or go home right? Or for us, go big THEN go home. › Read More
Ever since Janelle and I started our project to climb North America’s Fifty Classic Climbs four and a half years ago, we have heard this question countless times from climbers that know the book: “What about Hummingbird Ridge?” To which we reply, “I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it.”... › Read More
The Dogs Days In Southwest, BC With Leigh McClurg Of Pebbleshoo
The start of summer, until now, has been a busy time. We've had a long spell of clear, warm weather in our home of Squamish and Southwest British Columbia, which means every day feels like an opportunity to get outside and explore. We almost long for the rains to return so that we can have a moment to stop and simply reflect on what we've been doing and where we hope our efforts will take us in the future... › Read More
We had the idea of collaborating on a film project about ice climbing in Cogne, our chosen home for the last 10 years, for quite a long time. This small mountain village deep in the Italian Alps is known around the world for its spectacular ice climbs... › Read More
Ten Worthy Adventure Zones In The Greater Toronto Area: Jenny Johnson photo
To celebrate the opening of our new store in Toronto, we've stepped up our game by putting together the scavenger hunt that keeps on giving. It starts with a chalk bag hidden somewhere in the city limits of Toronto on the morning of Saturday, August 16, and ends with a chance to win a trip to Whistler at our Grand Opening on August 23! We wanted to get you revved up for game day by listing off 10 Worthy Adventure Zones In The Greater Toronto Area... › Read More
"It's not the social norm to live in a van. But if you really think hard about it, you may realize there is no longer any reason NOT to live in a van. At least that's what happened recently to me," Arc'teryx climbing athlete Jason Kruk on his new homestead: a white utility van with all the fixins...     › Read More