When you’re committed to a route, there is no point in trying to hide your feelings. It’s written in the tension lines on your face, white gripped fingers and awkward footwork. › Read More
A year ago one evening in Sheffield, we watched two very inspiring climbing videos; one of Sasha DiGuillian making the first ascent of Rolihlahla and the other of Paige Claassen making the first ascent of Digital Warfare. They looked like world-class routes in an incredible place so we decided to visit these areas in South Africa. › Read More
From far away the snow on the mountains looked awesome, but as we got closer and closer we noticed heavy winds and little snow on the glaciers. › Read More
Words by Roger Strong Photos Doug Hutchison, Andreas Schmidt, Will Hinckley and Roger  We are blessed with long, snowy winters in the Cascade mountains of Washington state.  The range is kissed with spells of temperature spikes and its snowpack is stabilized with help of the occasional Pineapple Express system even during our biggest and deepest seasons. › Read More
Mammoth white titans rest on the shoulders of earth. Like ancient ghosts, clouds rise up and disappear into the dry land east of the Sierra Nevadas. The peak of Mount Whitney stands before us, though I can’t decide if it’s a friend or enemy. It calls regardless. › Read More
Chile. Land of llamas, empanadas and summer snow. Originally I'd planned on heading there early in the summer but lack of snow but that plan on hold. Eventually Chile turned on with a few massive storms and the thought of going again crept into my mind. Emails were sent and a 'plan' was hatched. › Read More
Laying out my speedwing canopy and clipping into my skis alone on the summit, I was overwhelmed with appreciation for my life and the experiences I am privileged to have in the mountains. Skiing from the summit and taking flight over the unskiable line stands as one of the raddest things I've ever done › Read More
We pulled the hand brake in the Magic Mountain Lodge's parking lot, cracked open a cold one and tipped it back to celebrate our little gathering, here in the middle of the most beautiful ‘nowhere’. › Read More
The role of the hand in our psyche is deeply important. In documentary film work, one of the key shots any cameraman needs to get to complete a sequence is what the subject’s hands are doing. Through gestures and actions our hands communicate much more than we might suppose. This is especially true of the caring professions, where the cliché of “your life in their hands” is often quoted. › Read More
I'd heard stories about how difficult the trail up to the Conrad Kain Hut was from others. It's 4.5km long with about 700m's in elevation gain. The hardest part is being able to see the Hut from the parking lot, high above in the distance, and seeing the sum total of what needs to be climbed to get to it. › Read More